How to Recognize and secure a hacked Yahoo Mail account

There are so many ways that hackers can get into your Yahoo account without letting you get informed. Yet, you can easily identify if you keep an eye on the following symptoms and of course, you can fix it with our experts’ advises.

20151117223858-guy-on-computer-laptop-workingSymptoms shows that your Yahoo account has been hacked

  • When you are not receiving any emails
  • When your Yahoo Mail is sending spam to your contacts without your knowledge
  • When your account info or settings were changed without your knowledge
  • When you find logins from unexpected locations from your recent activity page

These above, are the clear signs that your Yahoo account is not in your control and someone hacked it. It might be possible that you have lost control of your Yahoo account as someone stolen, the user name or password or might be getting access to it.

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When you are sure about your Yahoo account hacking; the first step you need to do is try signing in to your Yahoo account. If you get successes then move further else, use the Yahoo Sign-In Helper or use the link This will guide you to get in to your account.

Once you are done with signing in issue them go ahead for the next step to secure your hacked account. You have to follow these steps carefully and get the account secure

1. Use Yahoo Account Key or two-step verification

Yahoo has introduced the next level security feature for all Yahoo users. This enables users to get more security with their email account. The Two-Step Verification and Yahoo Account Key; are your ally here. Any Yahoo user can enable these two securities for their account.

You need to sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and from the Settings, you will get the solution. Precisely, you will get the permission to access your account every time there would be attempt of signing in.In case you need contact to Support team then dial Yahoo helpline toll free phone number or connect with live chat support team for instant solution.

2. Change your password; make sure it’s strong enough

Your password is the key to get into your account. When someone has the password for your account; so it will be easy to get in. The idea is simple; change the password and make sure that you are making it difficult to crack. Also, make sure that you are not using any common dates, family name, vehicle number or your favorite celebrity’s name; these are easy to hack.

3. Check and update your account recovery email information

Here comes one of the most important parts, when your account is sending spam or when there are chances to get your security information altered. This could be really scary for you; you need to review your Yahoo account recovery and other settings, includes Filters, Signature, Sending name, Auto-forwarding, Reply-to address, Vacation response and Blocked addresses.


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