How to Remove Duplicate emails from Yahoo?

It is not recommended to store duplicate emails in your free email service provider, Yahoo which gives the users the limited amount of memory storage. If you have lots of duplicate email in your Yahoo mail box, clear it as soon as possible. If you exceed the memory limit, then you will be charged for the extra space you will use. Apart from that, those duplicate mails clutter your inbox. To get a clutter free and organized mail box; remove the duplicate emails from Yahoo inbox. Here are the steps to select and remove those emails.


Steps to Remove Duplicate emails from Yahoo manually:

  1. You need to login to your Yahoo account to remove the duplicate emails. Go to the search box located just below of the upper border of the inbox.
  2. Now type the subject of the duplicate email in the search box and then press Enter. Yahoo will show you many results for the subject. Now you can refine your search result. In the left grid of the screen, the search refinement option will appear. Now try to narrow down your search result, until only the duplicate mails will appear.
  3. Now click on select all option from the tab just above of the inbox. Once all of the duplicate mails are selected click on ‘Move To’ and then select ‘Trash’ located at the top.In case Yahoo users need Yahoo customer care help toll free phone number.

    Steps to Delete Duplicate Yahoo emails by Thunderbird

  1. Add your Yahoo address in Thunderbird. Make sure that the incoming type is IMAP while adding the account. Generally, Thunderbird will add your account IMAP by default after you have added your name, email address and password.
  2. Now you have to install an add-on called Remove Duplicate Messages. After installing the add-on, right click on the folder or the subfolder of your inbox and choose the option ‘Remove duplicate messages’. This action will list down all the duplicate emails of your account.
  3. Now you can Select All and Delete them easily.
  4. You can change the compare settings for tracking duplicity of the Add-on of Thunderbird. To change the compare settings of ‘Remove duplicate message’ add-on go to the Tools/Add-On page.
  5. Now find the Extensions tab where you can see the list of the extensions or add-ons.
  6. Choose the Available button next to the name of ‘Remove duplicate message’.
  7. Now you can customize the compare setting of the add-on from the window.
  8. You can change the compare options like compare message id, date in second, author, line count etc.

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