Skype Connectivity with Skype For Business

Microsoft now allows the Skype users to easily connect with Skype for Business users. This allows Skype for Business users to add Skype contacts using the Skype user’s Microsoft Account. Similarly, Skype users can also add Skype for Business users to the Contacts’ list. This connection between the both allows instant messaging; checking each other’s availability and conduct voice calls. To know how to add a Skype contact on Skype for Business, follow the guide mentioned below.

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Steps to Add a Skype Contact on Skype for Business

1.) Open Skype for Business and click on Add a Contact option.

2.) Under Add a Contact option, select Add a Contact Not in My Organization. You will get a list of available contact providers.

3.) Select Skype from the list. Now, enter the Microsoft Account of the Skype user whom you want to add in the IM Address field.


  • Make sure that you enter their Microsoft account address and not their Skype ID.
  • If their Microsoft Account has a domain, or, enter the Microsoft Account as –for example,
  • However, in case their Microsoft Account is not one of the above-listed domains, use the format like this – user(

For example – If the Microsoft Account of the Skype user is, enter it as ABC(

4.) Once you are done with the above step, ask the Skype user whom you added to you contact to accept your contact request. Until and unless the user doesn’t accept your request, you will not be allowed to communicate and their availability will be shown as Offline.

5.) You should also know that at present Skype for Business users are allowed to only connect with Skype for Windows (Desktop), Skype for Mac OS X and Skype modern client. Support for other platforms can be expected soon.

Steps to Add a Skype for Business Contact on Skype

1.) Sign in to the Skype’s Microsoft account sign-in page using your Microsoft Account.

2.) Now, click on the Contacts tab located on the top left corner of your Skype account.

3.) Click Add Contact from the drop down menu and select Search Skype Directory in the pop-up menu.

4.) Enter the sign-in address of Skype for Business user whom you want to add to your contacts’ list. Wait until the result gets loaded. If you see the Skype for Business user present in the result, click on it.

5.) Next, in the upper right corner of the window, click Add to Contacts. The new contacts will get added to your Skype’s contacts list. However, you will only notice a question mark instead of their status icon until he or she accepts your request. Once the request gets accepted, you will be able to see their availability, conduct call, IM conversation etc.

So, this is how you can know how to connect your Skype account with Skype for business user or vice versa.if needed then you should call on Skype customer care support help toll free phone number.they will give you instant solution.



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